How to add new DOS alias/commands and create a keyboard shortcut for an admin DOS !


NOTE: Everything here was done in Windows 7

I’ve always liked to work using dos / terminal, I think some tasks are easier to do that way, I don’t use Linux that much but when i do i create all sorts of terminal alias that help me do tedious work, but, never managed to do the same thing in Windows, until today!

Regarding creating new alias / commands, there are a lot of ways to accomplish this, i will just describe the one that gave me the less work and had the best results.

To add new commands to DOS:

  1. Create a folder anywhere, this will be used to put bat files that will correspond to the new commands. ( I created mine in my user home folder, named “alias”, so i will use the path c:\Users\nosila\alias for the next steps)
  2. Lets be tech savvy and use win key + R shortcut to open Run, type “sysdm.cpl” (without the “”) , this will open the System Properties control panel
  3. Go to Advanced tab, click the “Environment Variables” button
  4. In the “System variables” group, scroll down and double-click the Path var
  5. Go to the end of the path string, if it doesn’t have a “;” in the end, add it, and after that add the folder path ending with “;” (ex: “;c:\Users\nosila\alias” )
  6. Press OK

Look at all the pretty new alias !

Now you can go to your alias folder and add new bat files, for instance, i have a folder with all my series so i added a “series.bat” file to the alias folder, with the code “explorer c:\users\nosila\series\”, if i open Run and type series, it opens my Series folder ! (i user Run to go to almost everywhere in my laptop so, this is a huge help to my procrastination)

Now, to create an administrator command line shortcut:

  1. Click the Win key
  2. Type cmd and wait until cmd.exe appears
  3. Right click it>Send To> Desktop (create shortcut)
  4. Select the newly created icon in your desktop and hit ALT+ENTER to open the icon’s Properties panel
  5. Press ALT+K to go to the Shortcut Key text box
  6. I used CTRL+SHIFT+C shortcut (ubuntu uses CTRL+SHIFT+T) but you can use wtev you feel like.
  7. Press ALT+D to open the Advanced panel (or just click the Advanced button)
  8. Press ALT+R to tick the “Run as administrator” box (or just click it with the mouse)
  9. Press Enter
  10. Bonus step#1: Go wild and pimp out your admin command line, go to Colors tab and put your Screen Text to full green
  11. Bonus step#2: Go to Layout tab and change the “Screen buffer size” and “Window Size” Width to 100
  12. Press enter
  13. ????
  14. Be cool and show off to your friends with your h4x0r matrix like admin command line !

Shorcut to ALL the command lines!

You can put the shortcut wherever you want, just don’t delete it or else the shortcut will not work. Try it out, press the keyboard shortcut you used in the properties panel !

Problem? Solved !


6 thoughts on “How to add new DOS alias/commands and create a keyboard shortcut for an admin DOS !

  1. hruivo

    Thanks mate, its very useful. I have been doing this with some console apps, but I never though on using it this way.

    btw, that text editor looks pretty neat!

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