Windows 8 Run Dialogue with chrome-like inline autocomplete


I, for one, use the Run Dialogue a lot, and by “a lot” I mean, always, for anything and for everything.

I’ve managed to take this to a hole new level adding new alias commands, with this I can go to anywhere in my system and/or do any common task I need to do, for instance, I’ve a bitlocked drive with sensitive information, after I’m done working with it and I want to re-lock the drive, I just need to:

  1. Press WIN+R
  2. Write “lock”
  3. Press Enter. This will execute a batch that I’ve created for this propose, that is somewhere in my drive

Isn’t it simple?

One thing that I just LOVE in Chrome is it’s autocomplete, which adds the rest of the word selected in place so, in contrast to the classic way of only showing a dropdown list with the possible matches and you need to use the keyboard or mouse to choose one. This simple feature enhances my productivity like hell and I just wish it would be globally adopted as standard.

That being said, what if I told you that, you can have that type of autocomplete in Windows 8 Explorer, therefore, in the Run Dialogue? That’s right, you just need to:

  1. Open IE Internet Properties (I really don’t know why the hell this option is in Internet Properties but well, to be honest, don’t really care)
  2. Go to Advanced tab
  3. Scroll down the Settings list, in the Browsing part, after the Underline links you have “Use inline AutoComplete in File Explorer and Run Dialogue”
Inline AutoComplete option in Internet Properties

That sneaky and useful little bastard !

As I’ve found this by accident in Windows 8, I don’t really know if this already existed in 7 / Vista / XP, if you have any of these OS drop a comment stating if you have this option there or not.

Productivity like this.

Productivity like this.

That’s all for today ! Hope you had a blessed Christmas, have a great 2013 !


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