Eclipse IDE dark theme


One of the most things I love about Visual Studio and Sublime Text for that matter is how great they look, I’m an advocate that if you are going to look at something for long periods of time, at least look at something that visually pleases you and doesn’t make you go “D’OH” every time you loose your focus and realize what you’re working with. And then comes their ugly cousin, Eclipse


I don’t use Eclipse much but, every.single.time. I have to, the first thing I compulsively do is to search for a way to dark it down or change it visually somehow. For years, there wasn’t any good solution that didn’t implicate hacking the system theme, but fortunately, this issue was addressed in the 4th version of Eclipse.

That being said, here is a list of good plugins/themes to get yourself a dark or at least just better looking IDE:

  • First, install a code editor theme, using an Eclipse Preferences File or through Eclipse Color Theme Plugin. I use the latter with Sublime Text 2 color set
  • Dark Juno – I’m using this but, the icons make it look shitty in Windows 8. That being said, it was the best one I’ve tried
  • MoonRise UI Theme – This also looks great in the pictures but I didn’t manage to get it working that great in my setup, you might have a better luck / other OS. If you are going to use MonoRise, theres a tip in the end of the article to change the tab name font.
  • Keep track of this StackOverflow question for future updates on this subject and/or check other

This is what I finish up with, with Dark Juno and Sublime Text 2 editor color set, it still isn’t great and has some minor visual glitches but, at least it doesn’t makes me cry tears of blood:


For MoonRise UI users, did you cringe when you notice the tab name’s font, very similar to Comic Sans ? If so, have no fear, there is hope!

  • Open the .jar file with your favorite zip application (I use 7zip)
  • Go to \theme\css\
  • Open the file related to your configuration (mine was moonrise-ui-standalone.css)
  • Locate and change font-family: ‘Segoe Print’ to SegoeUI or any other font you prefere or have in your system 

Do you have a better solution for this or have found / created other great themes? Share it in the comments !

Disclaimer: I’m using Windows 8.1, thus, take my rant with a grain os salt, you might get a different result in your OS, specially if’re using Ubuntu.


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